Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the amount deposit required to get on your calendar?

$200 is required to hold the date.

When do you need a final head count?

Final headcounts are required 2 weeks prior to your event.

Do you attend the entire event?

For the most part we are onsite the entire event unless you request a drop off service or the event will be continuing hours later than food service.

Do I get to keep any leftovers?

Of course! The food you paid for is yours. We request that you bring a few plastic containers in the event that there are left overs available after the service.  We will package them and leave them for you.

Do you automatically add a gratuity?

Menus are made with a per person rate, additional rates added to that are tax (generally 8.6%) and gratuity (12%).

Do you charge a different rate for children?

We generally charge 1/2 price of the adult per person menu rate for children under the age of 8.  Unless other arrangements have been made, i.e. a specialty kids menu.

What are peoples favorites from what you cook?

Prime Rib!  Jeff is a meat & potatoes guy at heart.  So he cooks the prime just to the right temperature and then lets it rest until he slices it for you and your guests onsite.

Is buffet style service o.k.?

Yes, we most often put out a buffet style service.  We fine that the guests find it more comfortable to get up and visit with other guests while going through the buffet line.

Are you also the bartender?

We do not currently carry a banquet permit for alcoholic beverages, but do have several bartenders on call as independent contractors who can provide the bar services for you.

Do you provide the liquor if you provide the bartender?

No, you provide the alcohol for the event and our licenced bartender can serve it for you and your guests.

What is your favorite part of catering?

We are here to serve.  How ever we can help relieve you from having any worries about your guests being taken care of.  Its our pleasure!

Do you clean up before you go?

We take pride in leaving the kitchen space or area we work in better than we found it!